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Talisman Tales 3.0—UPDATE

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poker-card Another set of alpha cards are complete, this time for the Village. New on-site gallery function is still being finicky, so for now we will stick with the Google Drive version. Have a peek.

One card from previous editions was removed: “Rumour Monger.”  Several players felt its tie-in to the traditional quest system didn’t work well, and connection to the commercial quest cards and alternatives from the fan community were unnecessary. In its place is the new card mentioned in the last update…

Talisman Tales 3.0—UPDATE (and Request)

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poker-cardAlpha cards for the “City” space are now complete and in the development gallery. Some have changed a little from their versions in previous editions, and so has the card back. The City is a hub for lots of activity in the Land, so naturally this space has more cards than most in the deck. No crossover with realm / expansion boards seemed possible, but if you think something was missed, please say so.

poker-cardThe new on-site gallery features are still pending and might take another week or so. Up next will be the “Village” with at least one new card not seen before in any edition of Talisman Tales—a Task-Follower” that should be of some interest.

With the pending release of The Woodland for Talisman 4ER, I would be interested in a breakdown of its board spaces and their content. If and when anyone learns this, I would like to hear about it. I might as well consider crossover possibilities for TT 3.0 before it is finalized for release.

That is all for today. Feel free to critique, comment, and suggest as you wish. Thank you again for stopping by.

Talisman Tales 3.0 Development Gallery

Site Update: First Phase Complete

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logo_256The new responsive and adaptive template has been install. All site content should be reasonably accessible once again. Further work is still needed in the area of styling. The random site background is experimental, and the load time on some images may be questionable for the quality necessary.

The new product / image preview system has yet to be installed. For now, the old single image viewer is still active. Changing this to something more convenient for visitors will have to be schedule appropriately; likely a few products at a time will be adapted while others continue to use the old viewer.

Feel free to poke around. If you notice something not functioning appropriately, please report it through the “Contact” section. More true content and news will flow again soon.

Site Update Warning

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logo_256Over the next 72 hours (and hopefully no more), FD will be in the  process of upgrading to a new adaptive and responsive template. This has been a long time coming, and it is time to get it done.

There while also be upgrades to behind the scenes code for such features as a product preview system in the shop. The new code will also be used to develop an on-site development gallery for current and soon-to-come FD and OFGI projects.

If you drop in and find that some feature or section no longer works as expected, then please check back later in the day or the next morning. An announcement will be made when all site functions have settled. After that, further cosmetic work may continue. Thank you for your patience.

Talisman Tales 3.0—UPDATE

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#fantasygames, #games, #boardgames, #talisman, #talismanthemagicalquest

poker-cardThe last few days have been clean-up re-inventory in preparation for work on cards originally released in the expansion called Talisman Tales: In the Settlements. As mentioned previously, TT 3.0 will include cards from both this expansion and the previous starter deck.

Along the way, some cards were refined and/or changed. A few new ones previously overlooked were added as well. Take a scan through the development gallery for anything that catches your attention. Feel free to submit questions as well via the “Contact” page here at FD.