April 14, 2014

In Process: Legendary Item and Map “Token” Cards (Runebound, Island of Dread)

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poker-cardThese products are in process for a new (joint) PDF and POD edition during their transition to Ye Ol’ Shop. They have been removed from the old Downloads page but will not appear in the shop until the official release.

All cards will be USA Mini (1.75” x 2.5”). The back for the Legendary Items is seen the left, while the back for Map cards is below on the right. The collective count of both will fit within a 54 count deck. And so…

April 9, 2014

Shop Update: The Better Sandstorm (Runebound: Sands of Al-Kalim)

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Player's Set - Token Dice for Runebound 2EWhile recovery and other development proceed around F.D., here is another old offering moved to and reformated for the shop. Stop fussing with that big sandstorm tile in Sands of Al-Kalim that shifts tokens, figurines, etc. every time it moves.

Includes graphic and manual in one PDF plus the original article “A Better Sandstorm” with helpful tips on how to make this new sandstorm “frame” just right the first time!

Now available in Ye Ol’ Shop at FantasticDiversions.com.

April 6, 2014

Assistance Needed

In the last 48 hours, some demon imp fried a portable projects drive; it seems to be a year for this after my previous personal machine bit the big one two months ago. Time for a general banishment spell or two.

Among other storage, FD master files related to creations for Talisman, Dungeonquest, and some lesser known games were lost. Fortunately files for Runebound and OFGI projects (along with 90% of work related files) were not affected.

This does affect some NFP / POD work in the planning going forward. If I ever shared some of my Talisman related PSD, PNG, or other card / component templates with you or someone you know, please use the Contact section to tell me what you have. It might save me a bit of work in recreating them so that a few remaining items in the Downloads page can be transferred to the shop.

More later. Things are busy here, as you can guess.

March 31, 2014

Shop Update: the Quick(est) and the Dead [Dungeonquest]

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Alternative Rules: the Quick(est) and the DeadGet back to playing Dun­geon­quest the way it was in­tend­ed—for speed and greed!

This package contains the three fast­est forms of combat ever devised for the game, in­clud­ing those found in any of the com­mercial edi­tions. No more futz­ing about with cards and tiles!

These three alter­na­tive rules and com­ponents (2D6 “Grid” Combat, 2D6 “List” Combat, and 2D6 “Token” Dice) are even inter­change­able during one game. If one does not suit your players for the night, you can switch in­stant­ly to one they will like better.

Now available as a downloadable 300ppi PDF in “Ye Ol’ Shop” at FantasticDiversions.com.

March 24, 2014

Shop Update: Fine Gems (Talisman 4ER)

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Player's Set - Token Dice for Runebound 2EAnother product has made the transition from the old Downloads page to Ye Ol’ Shop. Alternative Cards: Fine Gems 2.0 is now available as a freely downloadable PDF at 300ppi.

This fan expansion of alternative gem “trinket” cards for The Highland  expansion to Talisman 4ER was originally created quite a while back. Small refinements were made to increase playability based on their original purpose.

Please spread the word about this newly available edition to those who might be curious. More coming as time permits and projects behind the scenes inch along.