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Final Post...

After a recent set of issues that came up with FD offerings at The Game Crafter, as well as this being the first (last) post in far too long, it is time for FD to close down. This site and all associated satellites and social accounts will be terminated by or before the end of the month.

My life has become complicated in making a living with many additional professional projects underway. Add to this that I was recently informed by The Game Crafter that all “fan” game addons out of F.D./OFGI in their store were taken offline and are no longer for sale.

It appears someone(s) filed a complaint with them about infringement.

Much as I do not take profit from the addons I create for commercial games, in selling them even as not-for-profit, TGC still does profit; therefor it is considered infringement. I understand this and see the point; it was/is an area that continued to concern me. The only purpose of working through TGC was to give players quality components, and that was all, obviously. And you and I know that.

Some of you may then wonder, considering I take great efforts not to use materials from such games in what I create. It seems even mentioning the name of a copyrighted product in conjunction with such is considered infringement as well. I can understand this, and I do not wish to put TGC in jeopardy.

As to who the plaintiff is, well, it is not hard to guess. It is not the first time I have heard of this entity using surrogates rather than speaking directly for itself and settling in a forthright fashion. If said party had come to me first, then all would have been settled immediately and more efficiently. And without yet another instance of subterfuge from Fantasy Flight Games.

The FD/OFG Shop

This has been taken down. All online offerings have been removed from any connected cloud service, including downloadable versions of anything offered via P.O.D. at The Game Crafter or elsewhere.

FD Offerings Elsewhere

All offerings at such places as Talisman Island and Board Game Geek will remain in place and available unless I discover additional future abuses. As to converting any previous POD-only projects to downloadable PDFs, I am reluctant.

Further FD Downloads

I have worked part-time on and off (semi-vocationally and/or avocationally) in graphics since the birth of “Grunge” in the Puget Sound. (Yes, that is where it really started.) For those who don’t get that reference, we talking about 35+ years. In that time, I have seen my visual works absconded or abused in multiple ways.

Out of all such, I can honestly and objectively say that it has never been more rampant then in the gamer community. Sorry, but that’s the truth. I will consider such conversions on a case by case basis if and when I receive requests related to a distribution location that is reputable.

In the End

And that’s that, folks. It has been fun most of the time, and maybe I will get to do it again someday, but not right now or for the foreseeable future. If you have need to contact me into the future, you may do so through or, as the contact form at FD will be terminated as well.

Talisman Tales: In the Wild—NOW AVAILABLE!

It has been too long in coming, and finally Talisman Tales: In the Wild (Starter Deck), 3.0, is now available as a NFP POD product through The Game Crafter site. Details and links are in the “Talisman” section of Ye Ol’ Shop along with a freely downloadable rules manual in EPUB format. On that note…

Artscow Terminated at FD/OFGI

logo-square.gif-300x300All FD/OFGI products made available through have been terminated and removed from that online system. We will not go into the details other than to say that production files uploaded there are not secure enough. This was tested and confirmed by personnel at N.D. Author Services with IT experience.

We know this will not please those of you outside the USA who count on coupon shopping for affordable shipping and handling to other countries. As always, we are open to suggestions for other POD services outside the USA.

For a point of reference, such services should have an online access / management system for creators / vendors somehow similar to what is found at The Game Crafter. Please use our “Contact” section, and all such suggestions are welcome. We will always investigate options to make our products (NFP or otherwise) more affordable to all.

NOTE: Some ArtsCow links still exist for some products in Ye Ol’ Shop. These will be removed as time permits over the coming week. Do not use them, for they no longer lead to a viable product page at that site.

Talisman Tales 3.0—Rules “Draft” Now Available

#fantasygames, #boardgames, #games, #talismanthemagicalquest, #talisman

Shop_Poster The Draft version of the rules is now available in PDF format (right-click and save). You are encouraged to download and review this to then submit questions, suggestions, corrections, etc. via the “Contact” section at F.D. Do not place such in F.D. social / satellite pages or they may be overlooked. 

Please pass / forward / share this notice with anyone who may be interested; the more input the better, as this time there is no local assistance available for this phase.

Now that the first step for the rules manual is complete, a proof copy of the starter deck will be ordered while further work on the manual proceeds. As previously mentioned, it usually takes two weeks for a proof unit to arrive. This also depends on the current queue of schedule production at The Game Crafter site. Progress updates will be released within 24 hours of new information received.

Talisman Tales 3.0—UPDATE

#fantasygames, #boardgames, #games, #talisman, #talismanthemagicalquest

Shop_PosterAll materials for the NFP (not-for-profit) POD edition have been uploaded to The Game Crafter site. The “proof” copy has not yet been ordered.

Work now proceeds on the rules manual. When a draft is ready, it will be made available for review and proofing assistance by those interested.

Once the manual is complete in at least a PDF edition, the proof copy for TT3 will be ordered. Typically it takes two weeks for that to arrive, so the actual release may be a little farther off than anticipated. Please be patient and help assist with the manual if possible…