July 31, 2014

Talisman Tales 3.0—UPDATE

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poker-cardOnce again, work has left little time for play, including on the something new previously promised. Here are a few new cards for the Cursed Glade with more to follow.

Along the way, a few more questions were asked concerning this new edition in development, so here are the answers…

July 25, 2014

Talisman Tales 3.0—UPDATE

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poker-cardRune card “alphas” are set for now, and you can find them in the development gallery. As with other sets, there may come one or two more later on.

Next up will be cards for one of the single draw spaces, such as the Cursed Glade or Ruins.

As a reminder, the original Talisman Tales 1.0 came out as a starter deck and then an expansion. This deck will include both as a double deck.

poker-cardOnce again, work and making a living took precedence, and there was no time for a little something special and different as previously mentioned. I hope to turn to that as soon as possible, so please be patient.

In addition, a draft copy of the TT 3.0 rules document needs to be initialized. It will be made available for review and comment by those interested. Thank you again for stopping by, and something more should appear early in the coming week.

Talisman Tales 3.0 Development Gallery

July 19, 2014

Talisman Tales 3.0—UPDATE

#fantasygames, #boardgames, #games, #talismanthemagicalquest, #talisman

poker-cardThe Home “alpha” cards are now complete. A new one or two not found in previous editions might come later. You can view the cards so far in the development gallery.

What comes next has yet to be chosen, though likely it may be cards for the Runes, Cursed Glade, Forest, or Crags. In other words, one of those special places sought for special reasons, and thereby having even more reason for the risks. And also something else.

poker-cardI have had in mind for some time a little experiment. It will be something different during the coming week pertaining to a free accessory PDF related to past not-for-profit products out of F.D. It might be useful for either the PDF or POD versions.

So watch for that, and do not be bashful if you notice anything so far worth comment or suggestion or even a question. Once again, thank you for stopping by.

Talisman Tales 3.0 Development Gallery

July 14, 2014

Talisman Tales 3.0—UPDATE

#fantasygames, #boardgames, #games, #talisman, #talismanthemagicalquest

poker-card Plains “alpha” cards are complete; you can find them in the development gallery.

No feasible crossover with realm (expansion) boards was discovered; if you feel something was overlooked for a particular card or in general, send in your suggestion via “Contact” at the F.D. site.

And as to what comes next, it is time to go “Home”…

July 12, 2014

Boxing Lessons, Part 9: Art and Decoration

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Time for the (too) long awaited final entry in this first series on homemade game accessories. And for those who need a little (or a lot of) catch up…

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