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Runebound Wound & Fatigue Dice

Wound and Fatigue dice tokens for <i>Runebound</i> Yes, yet another odd little specialty die, but again with a purpose for convenience and even to speed up combat. Runebound is a long game, so anything that can streamline even small moments of play is helpful.

Though Wound and Fatigue tokens are helpful for tracking Character (Hero) and Ally status, they are not so convenient when it comes to Challenges. Tokens placed on Characters and Allies may stay for multiple rounds; not so with Challenges. A Challenge can come up in half of the turns at some point in the game. This is especially so when playing advanced rules, such as those for encounters in the wild as well as when landing on an encounter gem. You take tokens out of the pool, mark that big baddy you’re thumping on, and then put them back when the fight is over. Then the next player does the same. In and out, in and out, the tokens go, etc. Now, no more...

A simple die with Wound markers on its side can be kept board-side for use by everyone. You put it on the Challenge card, turn it to the appropriate number of wounds caused, and when the fight is over, set it aside for the next player to use. The die is always there as one multi-token, meaning one less step in combat in continuously taking tokens in and out of the token pool.

In most cases, you will only need one Wound die, for Challenges with more than 6 Life points are often ones causing so much damage that someone’s going to die when wounds rise above 6. And if not, you just make two Wound dice to keep around.

The sticker graphics for this die come with both a white and back backgrounds. They also come with a number range of 0 through 6; you can choose whether to use 0 to 5 or 1 to 6 on your die. The stickers are designed for a typical 5/8” die found at most major department and big box stores. As seen in the picture, the black works best because it distinguishes the Wound die from other dice on the board. And you don’t have to find black dice to use black background stickers. That same store should have permanent markers (like Sharpies) in the office/school supply section. Grab one, color just the die face edges and corners, let dry for 30 seconds, and the stickers will cover the rest. That is how the black dice in the picture were made.  As to those other white dice, particularly the ones with Fatigue icons…

Wound & Fatigue Dice for Characters & Allies

This is an option most players may not like, especially if obsessed with all of the official its and bits that come with the game. We’ve tested it, and it’s not as hinky or annoying as some think. You use the same stickers to make a Wound die for each player; and the graphics for a Fatigue die are also included. If you try this, you might make such dice white, like the Experience dice tokens used for Characters. Again, the Fatigue dice stickers come with white and black backgrounds, so you can choose your own preference. 

As always, you can find the ZIP package containing the needed graphics on the F.D. Downloads page. Enjoy, and I’ll be back around with something else in about a week… or maybe less.