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More Virtual CCGs

Been too loaded down to get back to posting as regularly as planned, but here are a few sights to check out for free online (so-called) collectible card games. Most don’t match up to the experience of Elements, as reported in an earlier post.  But overall, someone should be fine them fun for a little while or longer.

Fantasy Cards RT

It’s not fully complete yet, but it appears to be playable and might have promise. A lot of the card art is from embellished photos or was done in Poser and then Photoshop, so quality does vary. Some of it is outright cheesy and cliché, from over-muscled brutes to Red Sonja wannabes with broadswords and leather bikinis. If you’re into that, well there you are.

Play is for free once you setup an account. Its more of a adventurer / hero based game, somewhere akin to the premise of Dungeoneer but wholly different. That part actually appeals to me after the never-ending series of duel to the death card games. But I didn’t dig deeply into it and hope that someone gets to finishing it. Then I noticed the copyright is still 2008, and wondered.

Like many of these online CCG, Flash technology is the basis of the function, but here it gets spread around too much in places where it isn’t needed. Still, give it  try in your spare time and see what you think.


Very anime oriented, which isn’t my thing anymore, it promises both character leveling adventure and dueling / tournament options. The number of character images is limited, though somewhat customizable.

As much as it is free to start, and likely you can go far that way, there are also some pay as you go advanced options. It includes a market to visit, clans to join, and a ranking system for those into tournament competition.

It’s multilingual as well, and though the title link above takes you to the English version, the root of the site indicates it is based in France.


A bit animesque like Ren above, next to Elements, this is one of the most talked about free fantasy card games online.

Unlike the uber-mage and demigod style card games such as Magic the Gathering, in Ederon you face your opponent directly instead through summoned beasts, monsters, and allies from other planes / dimensions. Sounds like a nice change, especially when you have to decide when, where, and how you swap out or even discard a piece of equipment.

Sometimes the effects can get a little confusing, but the game tutors you along half as well as Elements. If you like your duels a little more hands on and less ephemeral from afar — more Character vs. Character than Player vs. Player — then pick up a weapon and whack someone face to face in Ederon.