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6 Missing Heroes for Runebound

Many of the characters for the games set in the world of Terrinoth (Runebound, Runewars, Descent, etc.) reappear in one game to the next. However, a few from Descent haven’t made it into Runebound. A while back, Jon New of Talisman Island suggested that I do an analysis of six characters from Descent expansions that hadn’t made it into Runebound. Not an easy chore, since I’ve never played Descent, but I gave it a try…

I inventoried 30 characters common to both games and looked to their statistical ranges, highs and lows, medians and averages with an eye to how they were used in both games. I then translated the missing 6 as best I could by the numbers, though fudging and guestimation had to be used where non-statistical abilities and attributes were concerned. The mechanics of the two games are in some ways radically different. Overall, these six came out with a slight edge over the average RB “heroes,” but cutting them down further might have made them less than they were as represented in DS.
So here they are, along with a card back, in a package to be found on the F.D. Downloads page. In the days to come, I will upload them to the file section of the RB page at
I’m not the first to tangle with transferring these characters, nor possibly the last, so you may stumble onto other versions elsewhere. Most notably, take a peek by the versions done by Judd “Warbringer25” Jenson, creator of the Cities of Adventure expansions for Runebound.
Lastly, I’d like to thank the Runebound team at Fantasy Flight Games for making the RB core character template and card back available to me via Jon New of At present, the template is not in general distribution, as Jon is working on a Runebound extension for the game card creation software called Strange Eons.