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AVAILABLE: Island of Dread, Legendary Item “Token” Cards

IoD-Custom-BackThe cards are finally ready, so it is time to put them into the wild. The package is now available on the F.D. Downloads page. While you are there, you might also download the Map “Token” Cards (if you have not already done so).

I will also upload this to the Island of Dread page for Runebound 2E at It will take some time to appear there, as the BGG staff handles file approval for many games. As to what’s in this package…

IoD-Standard-FrontLegendary Item “Token” cards replace the tokens of the same name Island of Dread. Instead of having to remember or look up what these items do, the information is directly on these standard RB sized cards.

Inside this package you will find four PDF files. Make sure you are using Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher before attempting to open/print these files. Some alternative PDF programs and utilities may not be able to access these PDFs.

A printable layout of eight card backs. Only one printed sheet is needed for either the standard or alternative cards included.
A printable layout of eight card fronts that match the original description of the eight “Legendary Item” tokens in Island of Dread.
A printable layout of eight card fronts that have an additional "activate" option on top of the standard "discard" option for the Legendary Items. Use these instead of the standard cards for more flexibility in play. Do not mix these with the standard versions; use one or the other.
A printable layout of one additional card, both back and front, for a new Legendary Item by J.C called “Ashes of Antenor.” This card will bring the total of L.I. cards to 9, or 3 for each persona mentioned among the cards. This card can be mixed with either the standard or alternative cards.

Although PDFs are bulky and cumbersome, they are easier for people to print. I found some players had trouble printing JPG and PNG files directly, as not many people know how to manipulate or override the internal 72ppi of such to 300ppi for printing at the correct size.

IoD Map “Token” Cards—UPDATED

IoD-Custom-BackThere is only one change to this expansion package: a new card back with a motif to match the one for new Legendary Item “Token” Cards. If you are satisfied with the old back for your Map “Token” cards, then you do not need this updated package, though it now contains PDFs instead of JPGs. You can grab it to print out only the new card backs and slip them into your card sleeves to easily replace the old backs. New backs for both the standard and mini sized variations of Map “Token” Cards are included.

Respect the Rights

All material in these packages are covered by a Creative Commons license; they are not for reuse, in part or whole, other than intended. 99% of the graphical content is wholly my creation based on copyright free and similar elements as well as original elements. Textual content is based on that from Island of Dread with minor changes as needed for adaptation and efficiency of play.

And with that, have at it. IoD will be played again soon in my household in the near future; we are looking forward to saving a little table space and time in saying “so long” to the original tokens. IoD is even running neck and neck with Sands of Al-Kalim for favored Runebound play around here… at least for now.